AADYN TECH Punch Plus With RDM - AMT # PCH-RDM-002

Product Code - AMT # PCH-RDM-002

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    • Brighter than a 2500 watt HMI
    • 4044 foot candle output at 10 feet
    • Draws only 4.8 amps at full output
    • Auto range voltage - 100/277 VAC - 50/60Hz
    • Up to 90% energy savings

The AAdynTech Punch Plus is the most powerful daylight-balanced white light professional LED fixture available today. Flicker free up to 12,000 fps, the fixture delivers an incredible output of 4,044 fc @ 10 feet, comparable to a 2,500 watt HMI, while consuming less than 5 amps of power. The Punch Plus is self-contained with a universal power supply and, unlike traditional HMI's, the need for heavy and expensive head cables, ballasts or spare lamps is eliminated, dramatically reducing transport weight.

Crew and talent safety is always a concern and the Punch Plus generates minimal heat and can be held with bare hands and harmful UV or IR emissions are virtually eliminated. Instant 'ON' ensures no warm-up wait time on set. The Punch Plus Daylight comes with a built-in Wireless DMX/RDM Receiver. This model may be operated in either wired or wireless configuration further expanding its versatility. Specially designed holographic lenses provide optical efficiency by creating a single light source, effectively eliminating multiple shadows.