ZEISS Loxia now also in the telephoto range

The fourth ZEISS Loxia lens for mirrorless full-frame cameras with E mount is called ZEISS Loxia 2.4/85.


The Loxia 2.4/85 is the youngest member of our manual focus lens family for Sony α7 series cameras. So the already available three focal lengths of the lens family – Loxia 2.8/21, Loxia 2/35 and Loxia 2/50 – are supplemented with a lens in the tele range. Specially designed for mirrorless full-frame cameras with E mount, the compact ZEISS Loxia lenses are the ideal choice for travel and street photographers who value light and compact camera equipment.

The lens has a minimum object distance of 0.80 meters. The manual focus ring has a rotation angle of 220 degrees and enables the subtlest variations of focusing. The large aperture of f/2.4 combined with the high-quality optical design ensures an appealing bokeh.

For more information please visit http://www.amt.tv/zeiss-loxia-85mm-f-2-4-lens-for-sony-e-mount

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