Edelkrone SurfaceONE 2-axis smart motion control system - AMT # 81221

Product Code - AMT # 81221
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    • Motorized Slider
    • Slides along Smooth Surfaces
    • Great for Product and Tabletop Shots
    • Works with Small and Large Subjects
    • Built-In Laser Pointer for Positioning
    • Program Moves via Mobile App
    • Time-Lapse Mode
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Edelkrone SurfaceONE 2-axis smart motion control system is a portable solution that nearly anyone can use. Its coreless DC motors precisely move your camera along a programmable path. Using the app, almost every aspect of the SliderONE can be controlled. The high-precision motors allow for both arced and linear slides, depending on the shot you want to take. Loads up to 15 pounds are supported, though best results can be expected with setups weighing under 5.5 pounds with the separately available FlexTILT head.

Using the built-in laser, the SurfaceONE can create a virtual 360° track around your subject.

Precise Motion Control
Angular speed control inside the app allows you to set the coverage speed. Angular control adjusts the speed of the SurfaceONE based on the distance from the subject.

Works with Objects of Any Size
The SliderONE isn't only for small objects. Provided a smooth surface is large enough, the SliderONE can revolve around objects of nearly any size.

Time-Lapse Control
Program the motion, the time, and the shutter interval, and you're ready to go. The SliderONE can record time-lapses with linear, arcing, or just panning. Connect your camera to the SliderONE with a separately available trigger cable, and you'll be able to use the built-in intervalometer as well.