Lastolite EzyBounce Bounce Card - AMT # LL LS2810

Product Code - AMT # LL LS2810

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    • Fits Most On-Camera Flashes
    • Foldable Panels to Adjust Bounce Area
    • Four Different Configurations
    • Silicone Strap with Fixing System
    • Collapses for Storage
    • Carry Case Included
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Lastolite EzyBounce Bounce Card to send some of the light forward to fill in shadows. Equipped with a silicone strap, the EzyBounce can be easily affixed to most on-camera flash units where users can then adjust the foldable panels to set up one of four different configurations. This folding system also makes the card convenient, as it will collapse for storage. Additionally, it comes with a carry case for when it is not in use.

Lastolite EzyBounce Bounce Card