AADYN TECH Space Light LED / Tungsten 6K - AMT # SL-LED-001

Product Code - AMT # SL-LED-001

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    • More output for less power input
    • No UV or IR emissions
    • Measured 200 fc at 12 ft. and 52 fc at 25 ft
    • High CRI of 96+ CCT at 3380K nominal

AAdynTech's revolutionary Space Light LED is a professional grade Tungsten fixture which achieves exceptional white light output and control. From simple, single channel DMX to fully customizable, multi-channel operation with the ability to 'pixel map' each of (20) LED nodes individually, making it ideal for entertainment related shows and events for audience 'direct view' effects. Control may be via standard DMX, the built-in menu-driven illuminated User Display Interface or by a tethered plug-in optional digital remote. User Interface Module (UIM) providing control over multiple suspended fixtures eliminating the inconvenience of climbing a ladder to make adjustments.

Each Space Light incorporates 5-pin XLR connectors for DMX In/Out allowing efficient daisy-chaining of multiple fixtures for control signal. A unique feature set distinguishes the AAdynTech Space Light LED from all others. Higher output, higher CRI, lower power consumption, compact size, low rigging weight, virtually no heat generation, sturdy construction, silent convection cooling with no fans, 'instant On' at all times with no warm up required and no expensive ballast or head cables or lamps to replace. AAdynTech's Space Light LED should be considered as the only logical high-tech replacement for traditional Space Lights and Skypans.