Amimon CONNEX Mini HD Video Link for UAVs - AMT # AMI-M01

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    • 1080p60 Video Monitoring from the Air
    • HDMI Input and Output
    • 3 Ground Antennas - Up to 1600' Range
    • Less Than 1 ms Latency
    • 5.8G Operation To Avoid Interference
    • Relays S.Bus / PPM Gimbal Controls
    • Supports OSD for MAVLink Telemetry
    • AES128 / RSA1024 Video Encryption
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Amimon CONNEX Wireless HD Link for UAV Professionals

Amimon CONNEX Mini HD Video Link for UAVs - features the same 1080p60, zero-latency performance as the standard CONNEX, but in a scaled form factor and with a line-of-sight range of 1600'. Both the air and ground units have been reduced in size. The Air Unit weighs just 2.1 ounces, making ideal for smaller UAS, such as those carrying action cameras like a GoPro or compact mirrorless cameras like the Panasonic GH4.

The Air Unit incorporates a micro-HDMI input and includes an adapter cable suitable for a GoPro with HDMI output (cables for other cameras available separately). On the Ground Unit, there is a standard HDMI output for connecting FPV goggles, a field monitor, or other monitoring or recording device. For applications where several users require a their own video feed, up to four ground receivers (available separately) can be linked with one Air Unit.

Plug & Fly
CONNEX Mini is designed to setup and get you working out of the box – no complicated binding procedures here

Full HD Resolution
Unlike analog systems, which limit you to SD resolution, the digital CONNEX Mini system provides support for up to 1080p60

Virtually No Latency
Featuring less than 1 ms of latency, the CONNEX Mini does not buffer or hold your video, so you can see and control what's happening live. Use CONNEX Mini video to help you fly, aim the camera, or operate the gimbal

5.8G ISM Band Operation
CONNEX Mini uses the 5.1 to 5.8 GHz frequency range to avoid interfering with aircraft control systems, which are usually 2.4 GHz. Automatic Frequency Selection (AFS) will choose the best available channel to be used and move seamlessly to an alternative channel on-the-fly if needed

Gimbal Control
CONNEX Mini is able to relay the control signal for an S.Bus- or PPM-controllable gimbal mounted on the UAV. A dedicated transmitter for the gimbal can then be connected to the Ground Unit via its 2.5mm transmitter port. PPM and Futaba (S.Bus) trainer port adapter cables are provided

OSD (On-Screen Display) Overlay
CONNEX Mini On-Screen-Display (OSD) is a great way to see your flight status. The OSD shows both information about your wireless link status, and telemetry from your UAV flight controller. It works with MAVLink- and CAN-Bus-based telemetry modules (available separately)

Multicast Function
The CONNEX Mini can transmit to up to four ground units simultaneously – great for applications where multiple users require a dedicated video feed (addition ground receivers available separately)

Encrypted Transmission
CONNEX Mini employs AES128 for the video encryption and RSA1024 for key exchange to help ensure no one unauthorized is able to intercept your video feed


Range 1,600' / 500 m
Latency < 1 ms
Radio System
Frequency Range: 5.1 to 5.8 GHz (automatic selection)
Bandwidth 40 MHz
Channel Selection Automatic
Multicast Mode Up to 4 receivers with no delay or quality degradation (requires separately available additional ground unit(s))
Encryption AES-128 and RSA 1024 for key exchange
Video Formats Supported
Resolutions 1080p60
Video Air Unit
1 x Micro-HDMI input

Ground Unit
1 x HDMI Type-A output
Antenna Air Unit
2 x SMA-35 connectors

Ground Unit
3 x 2 dBi antenna connectors
System Requirements
Management Software Windows
Amimon CONNEX Mini HD Video Link for UAVs