BlackRapid YETI Dual Camera Harness



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BlackRapid YETI Dual Camera Harness

BlackRapid YETI Dual Camera Harness

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BlackRapid YETI Dual Camera Harness

  • Holds 2 Cameras with Attached Lenses
  • Use as Double Strap or Single R-Strap
  • Screws to Camera's 1/4-20 Tripod Socket
  • Non-slip Grip on Shoulder Pad
  • Has Cross-Body Detachable Stabilizer
  • Stabilizer for Right/Left Arm Use
  • Includes BRAD (BlackRapid Arm Defense)
  • Includes FastenR and ConnectR2

YETI Dual Camera Harness from BlackRapid enables you to carry two cameras simultaneously, each held in a single shoulder design and ready to be slid up to shooting position. The wide, non-slip foam pad minimizes the stress on your shoulders and back. The harness includes a cross-body stabilizer that holds the harness firmly against your body and a second stabilizer for wearing one of the straps under your right or left arm-depending on your preference.

One strap on the harness is 63" than the other one is 59". Each strap can support a camera with attached lens. You can detach both straps and only use one with the included underarm BlackRapid BRAD (BlackRapid Arm Defense). This connection makes sure your camera stays in place while you're on the move. The BRAD attaches to the harness using 2 strap hooks and 2 quick-release buckles.

More Information
Attachment Method 2 x ConnectR2 2 x FastenR
Dimensions Primary Strap Length: 63.0" (160.0 cm, with pad) Secondary Strap Length: 59.1" (150.0 cm, with pad) Shoulder Pad: 16.9 x 2.6-4.3" (43.0 x 6.5-11 cm, LW) Webbing Width: 1.0" (2.5 cm) Length of BRAD: 25.0" (63.5 cm) Length of Cross-body Strap Stabilizer: 31
Material Top: Polyester base with ballistic paneling Bottom: 0.4" (1 cm) thick foam pad and breathable Poly Mesh underneath rubber mesh gripper

BlackRapid YETI Dual Camera Harness
2 x Stabilizing Straps
2 x ConnectR2
2 x FastenR

AED 490.00