cmotion compact ONE

Compact One SET


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cmotion compact ONE

cmotion compact ONE

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  • one axis ready to use lens control system
  • easy set-up and operation
  • simple one page menu
  • cforce ONE motor set *
  • 8 selectable RF channels
  • hardwired operation (optional cable required)
  • automatic motor calibration
  • adjustable lens limits
  • motor torque adjustment
  • direction control

The compact ONE is an easy to use single axis wireless lens control package supplied with cmotion`s latest cforce ONE motor, ready to use on both 15mm
and 19mm rods. The hand unit is ergonomic and ensures precise motor control. Selectable features are clearly displayed on the integrated 2.3” screen. The single
page menu offers automatic motor calibration, digital lens limits, motor torque adjustment, direction control and run/stop command.

Both the camin and the hand controller follow the same design as the regular compact LCS, making it the most ergonomic system in this competitive price range. The single page menu clearly displayed on the integrated 2.3" screen guarantees an easy plug and play set-up and includes features such as automatic motor calibration, adjustable digital lens limits, motor torque adjustment, direction control and run/stop command.

Each compact ONE set is supplied with cmotion`s latest cforce ONE motor. This motor offers equal performance as the compact LCS cforce motor which it is based on. The fixed motor cable on the cforce ONE not only saves time during set-up, it can be replaced on location within a few minutes if needed. With a total on-board weight of less than 600g, compact ONE is the ideal system for any stabilizing system. Additional run/stop cables are available for ARRI, Blackmagic, Canon, Red and Sony.

More Information

weight of hand unit: 677 g incl. battery and marker ring

weight of camin: 156 g

weight of motor: 249 g incl. standard clamp and gear

wireless frequency: 2.4 Ghz

wireless range: 30m (98feet) indoor (depends on architecture of the building) 150m (490 feet) outdoor

wireless channels: 8 channels

operational handunit hours: approximately 6-8 hours

transmission delay: <10ms

Software update via USB port: Yes

maximum axis control: one motor

hardwired operation possible: Yes (connect hand unit to camin)

same function for left and right handed operation: Yes (option for focus knob on right or left when ordering)

independent wireless control units: 1

display on hand unit: 2.3“

Start/Stop function: ARRI, Red One, Sony F5, F35, F55 F65, Broadcasting cameras (via 12 pin Hirose)

shows battery and connection status: Yes

connectors hand unit: Le 4pin, USB

camin: Le 4pin, Le10p (EXT), Le 7p (motor)

automatic motor calibration: Yes

power supply hand unit: battery, 2400mAh 7.2V

compact ONE hand unit
compact ONE camin
cforce ONE motor set*
cfast rod connector
3x batteries
battery charger
5x marker rings
D-tap power cable
travel case

AED 23,999.00