Comer CM-LBPS1800 LED Camera Light - AMT # CM-LBPS1800

Product Code - AMT # CM-LBPS1800

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    • Professional grade 10-LED light
    • 420g Light weight (excluding battery)
    • Switchable color temperature at 4500K or 3200K using the built-in filter
    • Long life LED light bulb about 10,000 hours usage
    • Metal shoe.


Comer CM-LBPS900 LED Camera Light
Comer CM-LBPS1800 is a professional powerful low consumption 10-LED on-camera light. It has a solid sturdy built with barn doors and filters to provide maximum flexibility for shooting in different lighting environment.



Input power type : DC 6V-17V
Maximum power consumption : approximately 20W
Maximum luminosity : 1800lux at 1m (3 ft)
Lighting distance : 
1800lux at 1m (3 ft)
200lux at 3m (10 ft)
72lux at 5m (16 ft)
28lux at 8m (26 ft)

Color temperature : 4500K and 3200K selectable
Operating temperature : 0 to 40oC (32 to 104oF)
Storing temperature : -20 to 60oC (-4 to 140oF)

Weight : 420g (0.93 lbs)
Dimensions : 108 x 150 x 129mm (4.25 x 5.90 x 5.08in)
Interface type : Battery pack of NP-F970/NP-F770 or B type power plug (DC6V-17V)
The lasting time of illumination : approx.140min (NP-F970) approx.90min (NP-F770)

Comer CM-LBPS1800 LED Camera Light