Cosmolight RC/BR 455

RC/BR 455
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Cosmolight RC/BR 455

Cosmolight RC/BR 455

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Cosmolight RC/BR 455

  • Compact aluminium housing, robust and lightweight.
  • Highly engineered special reflex optical reflector shape.
  • User-friendly digital display.
  • Metal clamps to prevent loosening due to heat and consequent risk of lamp falling.
  • Built-in power supply system utilizing high frequency flicker free electronic ballast, 40K Hz at 100% luminous flux.
  • Superior CRI (95) levels for excellent color rendering.
  • Dimming 0%-100% @230V.
  • A complete set of accessories available to create effects and control the light.
  • Four configurations: 2 lamps, 4 lamps, 6 lamps, 8 lamps.
  • Available in both manual and pole operated versions.

The BRIVIDO series is a complete and innovative range of fluorescent fixtures which represents the ideal solution for fill light, back light, cyclorama and chromakey light in TV studios, virtual studios, digital photography, still life and architectural application. Minimal energy consumption, long lamp life and reduced air conditioning costs twinned with powerful light output make this lantern the ideal tool in any lighting package.


The highly engineered special reflex shape of the optical reflectors is a unique feature of our Brivido which optimizes the performance of luminous flux, delivering the most powerful, brightest, exceptionally even and shadowless illumination in the industry.

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Weight kg: 2,400

Packing dimensions: 70x51xh 20



DISTANCE mt. 0,75 1 2 3

Lux 10200 5900 1600 760

Photometric values measured with compact fluorescent lamps


AED 3,450.00