Floatcam DollyCrane - AMT # DOLLYCRANE SD

Product Code - AMT # DOLLYCRANE SD
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    • The DollyCrane can be assembled quickly by just one operator using a standard heavyweight tripod (Tripod not included). The DollyCrane will carry any camera/head combination up to 10kg (Camera/Head not included).

The DollyCrane is an innovative Grip system combining the function of the camera slider and mini jib / crane. Once set up, the system can quickly change its function from camera slider to jib and back thanks to its unique construction.

Slider: By utilizing a movable counterweight, the camera can be tracked up to 160 cm, much further than in typical camera sliders. The slider rail can be set at almost any angle including vertical, and with the counterweight system, the camera can be moved up and down the slider withminimal effort. As the camera moves in one direction, the counterweight tracks in the opposite direction, allowing for continuous perfect balance and control. The movement of dolly and counterweight is absolutely silent thanks to rubbered wheels.

In addition to the tripod mount, the DollyCrane can also be mounted directly onto the floor with the supplied adjustable legs.

Crane: When configured as a crane the camera can move parallel to the ground, and execute crane movements in 3 axis, up to a maximum lens height of 3m (depending on base tripod)

Mini-jib: In its mini-jib configuration, the DollyCrane operator can tilt, pan and move the camera 360 degrees around the base tripod with a maximum lens height of 3m (depending on base tripod)

The DollyCrane is supplied in two fitted soft cases.



Rail Length: 73″ / 185cm

Maximum Height: 114″ / 290cm (w/Tripod at 63″ / 160cm)

Tracking Length: 63″ / 160cm

Working Diameter (max): 63″ / 160cm

Vertical Height: 79″ / 200cm

Maximum Load: 10kg

Weight & Dimensions:

DC Weight: 28lbs / 12kg

Large Case: 76″x10″x12″ / 193x25x39cm 17lbs / 8kg

Counterweights: 26lbs / 12kg

Small Case: 36″x8″x14″ / 93x20x35cm 9lbs / 4kg

Floatcam DollyCrane