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    • Automatically Captures Panoramic Images
    • Gigapixel Panoramas with Amazing Detail
    • For Camera & Lenses up to 10 lb (4.5 kg)
    • Free GigaPan Stitch Software Download
    • Rechargeable Battery Pack and Charger
    • Digital Trigger Cables Included
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The EPIC Pro Robotic Camera Mount from GigaPan is a unique camera mount that empowers most DSLR cameras with the ability to capture gigapixel (one billion pixels) panoramic images with phenomenally high resolution, depth and clarity. It will support camera and lens combinations weighing up to 10 lb (4.5 kg), is easy to use and remarkably efficient.

Simply set the corners of the panorama you want to capture using the LCD interface.
The built-in software works out how many photos your camera will need to take, hundreds or even thousands. Then the EPIC Pro begins snapping the photos, automatically organizing them in overlapping rows and columns. After shooting, the GigaPan Stitch software (free download included) assembles, aligns and blends the individual images into one large panorama. The software then lets you to upload your panorama to for sharing. You also can embed your uploaded panorama onto any website.

GigaPan Stitch Software
The GigaPan EPIC Pro comes with a free download of fully integrated software - GigaPan Stitch. After shooting, upload the images onto your computer and into the GigaPan Stitch software which then aligns and blends your individual pictures together for an incredibly high resolution single panorama.
DSLR Compatible
The EPIC Pro works with almost all DSLR cameras.
Large Lenses are Supported
Camera and lens combinations of up to 10 lb (4.5 kg) can be used with the EPIC Pro.
Standard Tripod Connection
It is easy to secure EPIC Pro to your tripod. It fits standard tripods with 1/4" thread.
Share, store, and explore, by uploading your gigapixel panorama to where the powerful technology of the GigaPan Viewer allows you to zoom in and out, seeing unbelievable detail.
Powered Camera Movements
Powered camera movements and simple adjustments for optimal positioning of the nodal point and varied camera/lens combinations are accomplished with precision. The pan-tilt movements for the EPIC Pro are 0.04°/step for tilts and 0.12°/step for pans. It allows 360° panoramic and -65 - 90° tilt ranges-of-motion with exact, incremental positioning.
Onboard Bubble Level
The built-in bubble level lets you adjust the position of the EPIC Pro for a perfect horizontal alignment.

Special Features:

Start/Delay Function
A Start/Delay function enables a timer delay before each panorama capture begins. The timer can be set to 1, 15, 30, 60, 120, or 300 seconds. Not only does this provide time for the equipment to stop its vibrations, it gives you the option to include yourself in the panorama.
Multiple Triggering Option
A multiple triggering option allows the EPIC Pro to take multiple pictures at each image location up to 20 times per position for exposure bracketing or multiple image enhancements.
Rechargeable Battery Pack
A rechargeable battery pack (7.2V, 4300mAH) and charger are included. You can charge the battery on its own or while it is inserted into the EPIC Pro...very convenient for charging while shooting.
Electronic Trigger Cables are Included
Seven electronic trigger cables are provided when you purchase the EPIC Pro.
Remote Trigger Port
The EPIC Pro supports shutter actuation through the remote shutter port that is available on most DSLR cameras. A separate cable (not included) is required depending on camera make/model.
Multiple Triggering Option
The multiple triggering option allows the EPIC Pro to take multiple pictures at each image location up to 20 times per position for exposure bracketing or multiple image enhancement.
The EPIC Pro has features which include:
  • Time between exposures
  • Motor speed
  • Aspect ratio
  • Picture overlap
  • Option to repeat last panorama
  • Pause and scroll
  • Order pictures as rows or columns
Navigate via LCD Screen
Access frequently-used functions with the touch of a button, such as to move the camera or set the shutter delay via its LCD display. The controllable backlit screen can be set to "On" or "Auto" for low-light conditions, or "Off" for daylight conditions to minimize battery drain.
Strong and Lightweight
The EPIC Pro has an excellent design with a magnesium chassis and an aluminum arm. The unit weighs less than 8 lb (3.6 kg).




System Requirements:Windows XP and Vista, and Intel-based Macs with OS X 10.4 and higher

Minimum of 1GB of RAM (2GB is recommended)

30GB of free hard drive space (this can be an external drive)

GigaPan Stitch software (free download included)

Display 2-line monochrome LCD

Bubble Level Yes

Power Requirements Rechargeable battery pack (7.2V, 4300mAH)(included)

Battery Capacity More than 1000 images (on fully charged batteries) 1

Camera Mount 1/4" thread

Dimensions 11 x 12 x 6" (27 x 30 x 15 cm)

Weight 7.25 lb (3.3 kg) (with battery)

GigaPan EPIC Pro Robotic Camera Mount
7 x Electronic Trigger Cables for All Compatible Cameras
Rechargeable Battery Pack
Battery Charger
Stock Quick Release Plate
GigaPan Stitch Software Download Instructions
1/4"-20 to 3/8" Adapter Bushing