iFootage Shark Slider S1 Standard - Carbon Fiber Max load: 7kg

S1 Standard


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iFootage Shark Slider S1 Standard - Carbon Fiber Max load: 7kg

  • Modular Slider with Carbon Fiber Tubes
  • 31" End-to-End / 25" Sliding Length
  • Payload of 15 lb
  • Flywheel Adds Inertia & Damping Effect

iFootage Shark Slider S1 Standard - Carbon Fiber Max load: 7kg is a modular slider measuring 31" end-to-end and featuring a 25" sliding length. It supports up to 15 lb loads and offers smooth movement thanks to long-lasting silent bearings imported from Japan, synchronous belts, and a flywheel that adds inertia.

The carbon fiber tubes provide for better corrosion resistance than aluminum and also allow the Shark Slider to save on weight. Additional iFootage carbon fiber extension tubes are also available for purchase and can give you a maximum sliding range of 70" when attached to the existing ones. This provides the option for growth for whenever your production needs to expand.

The flywheel adds a damping effect to your slides, ensuring smooth acceleration/deceleration as opposed to jerky starts and stops. The flywheel achieves this through its centrifugal force while the slider belt is connected to it.

All the components of the Shark Slider S1 can be detached from one another without any tools and packed separately. Most times this capability will be of no use to you but sometimes it might prove a lifesaver of a convenience. Among these components are the end pieces of the slider, which have adjustable feet that spread out in triangular form. This type of positioning adds extra stability to the slider. The mounting plate at the bottom of the sliding carriage is also designed with stability in mind. It's screwed into the carriage at four corners to minimize vibration when the slider is mounted on a tripod.

Additional components available for purchase include the S1A1 and S1A3 Wireless Motion Controllers, and the Motion X2 which provides 360° camera movement.

  • Key Features:
  • Modular carbon fiber slider with a flywheel
  • 31" Length end to end
  • 25" Sliding length
  • Lightweight, corrosion-resistant carbon fiber tubes
  • 15 lb Payload
  • Long-lasting silent bearings imported from Japan
  • Synchronous belts
  • Flywheel adds a damping effect that ensures smooth acceleration/deceleration
  • Two bubble levels
  • Three-wheel locking system
  • Optional extension tubes are available that bring the total length to approximately 6 ft
  • Optional motion controllers and other components are also available

iFootage Carbon Fiber Shark Slider S1 (31")
Hex Wrench
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