Kenko REAL PRO MC C-PL 77mm - AMT # 227779

Product Code - AMT # 227779

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    • Slim frame
    • Knurling edge frame
    • Black almite frame
    • Black-rimmed glass
    • UV protected case


Kenko CELESTE CPL 77mm

The Kenko 77mm RealPro Circular Polarising Filter is designed to give professional-grade results. Treated with a water-resistant anti-stain coating, the filter is easy to clean and long-lasting. It delivers maximum light transmission with minimal reflections, and its ultra-thin frame prevents vignetting effects even when used with super-wide angle lenses. The frame is also designed with a knurling edge for a secure grip, meaning the filter won't slip out of the hand.

Product Highlights
The REALPRO series is designed according to the highest Kenko quality control standards, and developed with the benefit of its extensive experience in producing photographic filters. The REALPRO series aims to meet the demands of professional and amateur photographers everywhere.