Kessler Pocket Dolly Standard Basic with crank handle (Length - 39.5")

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Kessler Pocket Dolly Standard Basic with crank handle (Length - 39.5")

  • No IGUS components.
  • 100% custom CNC machined firm rail to reduce or eliminate flex.
  • Ball bearing wheels for silent, smooth, & frictionless carriage movement, that will not "bind".
  • Compatible with Kessler 100mm High Hat.

Want to get smooth, consistent, short-run dolly shots, without having to carry around a dolly system and  track? The Pocket Dolly™ is the solution for those shots! At just 39.5" in length and 7.5 pounds, the Pocket Dolly™ is a very portable camera slider, so you can always get the shot you need, where ever you are. The unique crank handle and belt drive system, allow for approximately 31" of quiet, consistent, smooth camera movement. Cameras weighing up to 15 pounds are supported.

The Pocket Dolly™ v2.0 is smoother and quieter than other linear sliders due to our ball bearing wheel design and the carried inertia provided by our handle and belt drive system (handle & belt not on the BASIC models) that gives it a more fluid feel than other camera sliders.

Plus, with the models with crank & belt drive you have the option to go to full automation with our elektraDRIVE system that boasts features like time lapse, memory/motion playback, digital dampening and many more options that will make getting that perfect shot easy. 

If you are looking for a camera slider with more features and higher weight capacity that will work with cameras ranging for lightweight HDSLR cameras like the Canon 5DmkII to heavier cameras like the RED ONE or 35mm adapter rigs.

More Information

Length: 39.5" (100.3cm) - with crank

Weight: 7.5 lbs (3.4kg)

Travel: 31" (78.7cm)

Kessler Pocket Dolly Standard Basic with crank handle (Length - 39.5")

AED 2,900.00