Lastolite LiteTable - 39x39x72" (100x100x180cm) - AMT # LL LR7836

Product Code - AMT # LL LR7836

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    • Ideal for product shots
    • includes an acrylic top surface
    • Includes translucent background film


Lastolite LiteTable - 28x28x60

Lastolite LiteTable - 39x39x72" (100x100x180cm) The Lastolite still life table 'Litetable' will revolutionize your product photography with its ease of use and light control. It can be assembled in minutes (without the use of any screws, bolts or Allen keys!) and folds flat into a handy carry case when not in use, making it ideal for occasional use and location work.

The unique patented design allows the photographer to control the light distribution underneath the table by positioning the light in different ways, creating graduated backgrounds or a completely even tone. With gels the creative possibilities are endless. Many of these techniques have previously been difficult with conventional light tables as they have open sides underneath.

Triple Re-Enforced Stitch Line
Over 30 stitches per inch ensures steel rims won't be popping out of the rim tape

Ideal For Product Photography
Part of a wide range or products designed specifically for product photography.

Easy to store and take with you.

Compatible With Studio Heads
This product will work with your studio heads.

Patented Design
Another unique product from Lastolite.

Holds Up To 8kg
This product can safely support up to 8kg of weight. We do not recommend exceeding this payload.