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    • Unique Nitrogen piston mechanism, the state of the art technology for continuous counterbalance system (from 0 to 8 Kg @ 55mm C.O.G.) on professional video heads. 
    • Great payload capacity (up to 8 Kg) and the best of fluidity for pan and tilt movement together in a cutting-edge piece of design.
    • New distinctive design that emphasize the core breakthrough technology.
    • Side Lock sliding plate for fast and precise setup.
    • Easy Link connector for accessories with anti-rotation.
    • Aluminium video tripod with 2 risers and twin legs.
    • Ø75mm half bowl on a central magnesium casting for versatility.
    • Adjustable ground spreader for extra stability.
    • Adjustable leg locking collars.
    • Rubber/metal spiked feet for sturdy shooting.
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Nitrotech N8 Fluid Head
The Nitrotech N8 is targetted at independent and professional video operators who work both in studio and in dynamic environments.

The Nitro N8 gives the possibility to mount different cameras and accessories, all of them perfectly counterbalanced. The N8 is compact and light and can be used on different kinds of supports (tripod, sliders etc).

By operating the CBS knob, the nitrogen piston moves up and down in order to precisely counterbalance from 0 to 8Kg @ 55mm C.O.G.

Manfrotto 546GB TWIN GS
Versatile, robust, and precise, the Pro Video Tripod GR SP is a top quality choice for professional photographers. Heavy-duty and rigid, it features a two-stage design and is ideal for a variety of shooting assignments. For creating professional films and videos, this must-have video tripod gets the job done with ease.

Featuring a die-cast aluminium crown with a 75mm bowl, it can be used with a variety of equipment. Able to safely support an impressive payload of up to 20kg, it is an unparalleled choice for almost any job. Featuring a telescopic ground-level spreader, you'll be able to easily level you shots no matter the terrain. The spreader also ensures that your video tripod won't topple over in windy conditions. Set the leg angles accurately with the leg locks that hold their positioning and won't budge while in use. With a minimum height of 32.5cm and a maximum height of 158.8cm, you'll be able to get that perfect shot.

Featuring rubber feet which can be removed to reveal metal spikes, this tripod is suitable for any environment. Use the rubber feet for smooth floors, and the spike feet for rugged terrain and rest assured knowing that you gear is safe. With a combination of reliable features, this tripod is an all-in-one solution. Designed in Italy with the highest standards of quality, it will consistently get the job done throughout its long lifespan.


Manfrotto NITROTECH N8 & 546GB TWIN GS