Mantis 120 Antenna - AMT # MANTIS 1.2

Product Code - AMT # MANTIS 1.2
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    • Mantis is available in 1m, 1.2m, 1.9m and 2.4m antenna sizes
    • Available in single, dual, tri and quad band configurations
    • Manufactured using latest carbon fibre composite materials for minimum weight
    • Easily deployed by a single user
    • IATA weight compliant options available on all the Mantis range of antennas
    • Fully compliant with all satellite operator specifications
    • Motorised tracking option for inclined orbit operation available on 1m, 1.9m and 2.4m Mantis flyaway
    • Electronics available in single thread, power combined or 1:1 redundant configuration
    • Antennas are approved for use with most Satellite operators
    • Co-polar Rx available on Ku antennas
    • Second Rx port available on C Band linear antennas
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Our Mantis 120 1.2m antenna is constructed entirely from carbon fibre. It folds down into a IATA compliant sub 32kg configuration consisting of just two cases and a hold-all or optionally into a single box package of less than 41kg. In either format the Mantis 120 can be deployed by one man in less than 15 minutes.

The rugged, weatherproof construction and easy integration with Vislink 5000 series electronics and HPAs up to 400W in size makes for a compact, sub 32kg IATA packaged solution for deployment worldwide.

The Mantis 120 is available in X, Ku and DBS bands and in X-Ku or Ku-DBS dual band configurations achieved by feed cartridge substitution.

Mantis 120 Antenna