Matterport MC250 Pro2 Professional 3D Camera



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Matterport MC250 Pro2 Professional 3D Camera

  • *Availability: 3-6 weeks
  • Capture and Map 360° Environment
  • Create 3D Maps, Models, and Schematics
  • View Footage in 3D and VR Applications
  • Real Estate, Architecture, Engineering

Matterport MC250 Pro2 Professional 3D Camera. The Pro2 allows you to create virtual 3D models and schematics of physical spaces, as well as edit and share them using the Matterport app and cloud service. Create virtual walkthroughs for your real estate clients looking for a new home or office, or present VR presentations for architecture clients to get ideas for future designs.

The Pro2 can shoot a 360° scan of a physical space in about 20 seconds, sends it to your iPhone or Android phone, and the Matterport software scans the data and stitches the images into a 3D model and 360 panorama. The software allows you to create walkthroughs, tours, schematic maps, and professional-quality 2D still capture output. The Matterport cloud service requires a separately obtained login and provides collaboration, customization such as metadata tags, modeling file export, and editing tools.

You can also create custom metadata and editing using the Matterport API, which allows the use of custom editing applications, connection to Google Street View, and uploading and viewing on other services such as real estate, VR, or modeling websites. Along with viewing the footage on your phone, browser, or editing application, you can also view 3D/VR footage using the Matterport VR application in a VR headset such as Oculus Go, or by using your iPhone or Android phone with Google Cardboard VR.

To enhance your image quality and overall coverage area, the Pro2 can work alongside the optional Leica BLK360 3D camera, and the images can be integrated, mapped, and stitched together with the Matterport app. The addition of the BLK360 allows for wider and longer image areas, as well as brighter and crisper imagery.

  • Applications for Multiple Industries
  • Real estate brokers and agents: Use Matterport to win listings, sell faster, and grow your business
  • Architecture, engineering, construction: Guides and advice specifically for the construction market
  • Matterport service partners: Become an MSP and sell your scan services to others
  • Platform, developers, SDK, API: Customize and extend the web player with the Matterport SDK

Scan and Explore
Capture your 360° physical environment and upload, view, manage, and navigate your 3D footage on the smartphone app and online using 3D Showcase

Capture App
Control and capture a "photosphere" 360° image of your environment with the MC250, then the Test Flight Capture app with the Cortex 3D conversion engine for iPhone or Android (beta) will create a 3D model of the room

Create high-quality 2D still captures, add Mattertag metadata, create a 3D guided tour, create a highlight reel, and more

API Connectivity
Create custom code with Matterport's API to add custom tags, create custom modeling data, and more

Collaboration in Matterport Cloud
Collaborate with other 3D creators in the Matterport cloud, publish 3D video to Google Street View, share floor plans and schematics, and organize spaces

Leica BLK360 Integration
Use the MC250 along with the Leica BLK360 3D camera to upload 3D video and data images at long distances, in large spaces, and in bright conditions, and integrate those images in the Matterport for a complete, professional-grade end

View Footage in VR
You can view and navigate Matterport images using VR headsets such as the Oculus Go or on a recent model Android phone or iPhone with the Matterport VR app, Google Chrome, and the Google Cardboard VR headset