Metabones Canon EF to E Mount Speed Booster ULTRA II 0.71X

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Metabones Canon EF to E Mount Speed Booster ULTRA II 0.71X

  • Canon EF Lens to Sony E-Mount Body
  • Increases Angle of View by 0.71x
  • Increases Maximum Aperture by 1 Stop
  • Switch for In-Body Image Stabilization

Metabones Canon EF to E MountSpeed Booster ULTRA II 0.71X Utilizing advanced optics, this adapter will increase the apparent angle of view of your full-frame lens by 0.71x, effectively combating the crop factor of an APS-C camera. This also increases the apparent sharpness of your image while also increasing the maximum aperture by 1 stop, making your full-frame lens look as if it were mounted on a full-frame camera.

Further improving on previous generations of Smart Adapters, this fifth-generation model now features a rubber gasket to protect the camera's mount from dust and moisture, offers a status notification LED light to check operation modes, and provides a dedicated switch that controls in-body image stabilization of select cameras. Also, this version is compatible with the Sony PXW-FS7 Mark II video camera.

AED 2,800.00