Nanlite Litolite 5C RGBWW LED pocket light with built in battery - AMT # Litolite 5C

Product Code - AMT # Litolite 5C

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    • Size: 108 x 22 x 60mm . Weight: 138g
    • Rated power: 7W
    • Dimming range: 0-100%
    • Oled display

Being powerful does not always require being BIG in size! Introducing the all new pocket-sized fixture from Nanlite – LitoLite 5C.

The LitoLite 5C is a new exciting pocket-sized fixture designed to be used on its own or to complement existing setups regardless of brand or size. The 5C is easy to use, super-portable, battery powered, magnetic and as accurate as other lines in the Nanlite range. Just like PavoTube 6C, this new RGBWW nano panel offers a means to illuminate regardless of which camera brand or smartphone you choose to shoot with.

The LitoLite 5C is the perfect tool to support the needs of emerging creatives as well as seasoned pros, its simplified user interface and minimalist controls appeal to creatives at all levels, simplicity does not mean it is lacking. The LitoLite 5C achieves a CRI of average 95 and TLCI of average 97, combined with a CCT range of 2700K-7500K the 5C packs a punch and is the brightest pocket-size light in the market with a lux output of 2,351lux @ 0.5m (581lux @ 1m).

Nanlite always wanted to ensure was that using light is as fun and as intuitive as pushing record. Just like the PavoTube II 6C, the 5C is easy to pick up and use, this naturally encourages exploration of using light and being creative. The built-in battery offers up to 90mins of usage at 100% intensity, meaning you can take your time to get the shoot right. A 1/4-20 mount ensures this fixture can integrate with existing industry standard equipment.

Telling a captivating story is underpinned by convincing your audience that what they are seeing is genuine, this is where practical lighting effects become a powerful tool and the LitoLite 5C go beyond what other pocket-sized lights can do. The 15 built-in customisable practical effects give you the ability to replicate fire a storm, flickering bulbs, cop cars and more! These features as well as capacity to be updated with new firmware make 5C the most intelligent pocket light available currently.

Nanlite strives to imagine, design and build lighting solutions for the most creative visual artists in the world. This commitment to meeting the needs of modern content creators has never and will never change. What has changed is where and when lighting is being used and with that brings new challenges. There is now a demand to bring accurate and controllable lighting to some of the most unlikely places, being tiny and remarkable solves this problem

  • LitoLite 5Cis the brightest pocketlight in thecurrent market.
  • LitoLite5C has the biggest beam angle 253°when with diffuser, perfect as the ambient lighting
  • LitoLite5Cis the most intelligent pocket light which have 15 kinds of full customizable special effects comparing to the other products and could update firmware.
  • LitoLite5C is the only one pocket light which have Green /Magentaadjustment function, could let your light fit with any other lights perfectly.
  • LitoLite5C is with the highest cost performance.