Profoto Narrow-Beam Travel reflector - AMT # 100713

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    • Light spread: 22° at recommended zoom position 9 on ProHead.
    • Max light output at 2 m with 2400Ws @ ISO100: f/128.1 (on ProHead).
    • Expand its versatility even further with optional accessories such as grids, barndoors and ProTube.
    • Designed for years of everyday use.


Profoto Narrow-Beam Reflector 32 degree 337 mm

NarrowBeam Travel Reflector
A more portable version of the NarrowBeam Reflector

The NarrowBeam Travel Reflector is the more compact version of the NarrowBeam Reflector.
It is almost as powerful but more lightweight and compact and creates an intense and focused beam of light when used with a ProHead or AcuteD4 Head. As the name suggests, it was primarily designed for photographers in need of a portable, power efficient solution capable of creating distinct highlights on location.

Many photographers use it to throw light over large distances or when they need as much power as possible. It provides an extreme hot spot and a dramatic light fall-off, which gives a striking effect. The NarrowBeam Travel Reflector is not recommended for Profoto flat fronted lights.