Review and Awards

Training, Workshops & Events

Advanced Media Trading regularly hosts educational & promotional events to showcase a selection of their latest products & services as well as to raise the market knowledge about the products & techniques. These events and workshops are often hosted by key industry professionals from across the globe who offer valuable insights into technological advancements and techniques.


Attendees enjoy the opportunity to test the latest equipment during ‘hands-on’ sessions enabling them to personally experience the features and capabilities of the products. 



Yearly Exhibitions


Awards & Achievements

  • Winner of “Outstanding Initiatives from a Distributor” – BroadcastPro 2019
  • Winner of the “Distributor Initiative of the Year” – Digital Studio 2018
  • SWIT Best Cooperative Award 2017
  • Winner of the “Best Distributor” of the yearDigital Studio CABSAT 2010, 2011, 2012 & 2013 (4 consecutive years)
  • Sony Best Accredited Service Center in the Middle East 2012
  • Sony Excellent Achievement Award 2012
  • Winner of the "Best Product" of the year for P+S Technik SI-2K - Digital Studio CABSAT 2009

Digital Studio Award




  • Dubai 48hour Film Project - Main Sponsor
  • Fujairah Culture & Media Authority
  • 10th Environmental Awareness Photo Competition 2012
  • American University in Dubai - Filmmaking workshops Sponsor (Feb, 2015)
  • Thalassemia Cycling and Awareness Campaign (March, 2015)

Digital Studio Award


Outstanding Initiatives from a Distributor