Rotolight RL48 Creative Color Kit V2 - AMT # RL48-CCK-V2

Product Code - AMT # RL48-CCK-V2

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    • For DSLRs And Camcorders
    • LED Light, 10 Filters, Stand, Belt Pouch
    • 80W Equivalent Light
    • 4 Hour Run-Time With 3x AA Batteries
    • Slides Onto Shotgun Mic
    • Accurate Color At 6300/5600/4300/3200K
    • Dimmable Over 1.5 Stops
    • 110° Beam Angle
    • Comprehensive Filter Kit
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Rotolight RL48 Interview Kit V2

The Rotolight RL48 Creative Color Kit V2combines a Rotolight light, stand, filter kit, and belt pouch into a compact lighting solution weighing less than 1 lb.

The main feature is the Rotolight RL48-B LED RingLight Stealth Edition. It sports 48 ultra-bright Grade-A LEDs with an 80W equivalent. It can be attached onto camcorders and DSLRs for 4 hours of light without causing shadows or red eye. Weather-resistant, weighing 6 oz, and powered by 3x AA batteries, it can be set up and fully functional within 3 seconds. Batteries are not included.

Rotolight RL48 Creative Color Kit V2
RL48-B LED RingLight Stealth Edition
Stand for RL48-A & RL48-B
Video Accessory Pouch
6-Piece Filter Pack for RL48-A & RL48-B
Add-On Color Filter Pack for RL48-A & RL48-B