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Spider Black Widow Kit (unit, belt, pad and pin) - AMT # SP850

Product Code - AMT # SP850

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    • *Shown with optional equipment
    • For Small/Mid-Size 4 lb DSLRs
    • Works With Tripod Quick Release Plate
    • Camera Releases/Replaces Quickly
    • Use With Any DSLR/Tripod Quick Release
    • Leaves Hands, Upper Body Free
    • Fits Over or Under a Coat
    • Discrete When Worn
    • Lightweight, Secure and Durable
    • Camera Pivots as Your Body Moves
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Spider Black Widow Kit (unit, belt, pad and pin) provides you with a comfortable way to wear your camera on your hip and have it at the ready when the shot appears. Using your camera's tripod quick release plate, the Black Widow fits on either your own belt or Black Widow's Belt and permits rapid release of the camera when you need it. It's secure since the camera locks back into place when you replace it back on your hip. The beauty of the system is that it leaves you hands free to pursue other endeavors such as hiking, cell phones, eating or talking on your cell phone. Your camera remains securely attached to the holster, moving smoothly with your body as you move through the streets.