StudiCase (Mobile Video Studio Bundle) - AMT # AMMC8

Product Code - AMT # AMMC8
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    • 8-Channel HD/SD Video Mixer 
    • 6-Channel Audio Mixer
    • Built-In Frame Synchronizer
    • Integrated 24” Multi-Viewer
    • SDI With Embedded Audio, HDMI, DVI
    • Import Still Images Via USB Port
    • Digital Hi-Quality Recorder / Player 
    • Integrated Intercom and Tally system
    • Light weight and Portable Carry-on
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StudiCase is a Compact, Light Weight and carry-on All-in-one solution designed by Advanced Media Engineers to answer the needs of the market. Including the High Quality products from well-known brands.

The MCS8M Compact Audio Video Mixing Switcher from Sony is an A/V switcher with an integrated audio mixer and frame synchronizer. A user-friendly device, it boasts numerous preset DME wipe patterns, a built-in multi-viewer, single-channel frame memory output, and an Input Freeze function for every source. It also features the ability to import still images using a USB port, plus a 3D Mode function, six-channel audio mixer, AUX MIX and more! Designed for easy, intuitive operation, the MCS8M contains tools ideal for content creation and event programming. Here is a powerful, versatile and affordable switcher, great for small live productions, church presentations, school sports, corporate events, weddings, fly packs, music videos, conferencing and more.

HyperDeck Studio disk recorders let you record the highest quality uncompressed and compressed ProRes and DNxHD video formats using fast 2.5" SSDs. Designed with familiar VTR controls, HyperDeck Studio includes innovative features that extend beyond the capabilities of traditional decks. Dual SSD slots let you record continuously, when one disk is full recording automatically continues on the next SSD. You can mount an SSD recorded using HyperDeck Studio on to any computer to access your files, so you don't need multiple decks to work with your media! There are two great HyperDeck Studio models to choose from.


Dimensions (W x H x D) 650 x 430 x 400 mm
Weight 32Kg apprx.
Type Carry-on trolly with two wheels and handle
Supported formats 1080i/59.94, 1080i/50, 720p/59.94, 720p/50, 480i/59.94, 576i/50
Display 24" LED Multi Viewer
Mode 4 or 10 views including PGM and PVW
MCS-8M Mixer
Video Input
(HD Mode)
HD-SDI BNC (x4), SMPTE-292M, 299M
HDMI Type A (x3) 
DVI-I (x1)
Reference BNC (x2), loop through 75 0, analog black burst or tri-Ievel sync signal 
Video Input
(SD Mode)
SD-SDI BNC (x4), SMPTE-259M-C, 272M-A 
DVI-I (x1)
Composite BNC (x3) 
Reference BNC (x2), loop through 75 0, analog black burst or tri-Ievel sync signal 
Video Output SDI (SD/HD) BNC (x4), SMPTE-292M, 299M. 259M-C, 272M-A 
Composite BNC (x1 ) 
Reference BNC (x1 ), 75 0, black burst signal 
Audio Input Analog input XLR/TRS combo (x2) (MIC/LINE 1 and 2), male 
Analog input, TRS phone (x4) (MIC/LINE 3 to 6)  
Analog input, Phono jack (x2) (LINE 7 and 8) 
Audio Output Analog output 1 and 2, XLR (x2) (PGM OUT Land R), female 
Analog output, TRSphone (x4) (AUX 1 /AUX 2/ MON L/R)  
Analog output, Phono jack (x2) (MIX L/MIX R)  
Headphones output, Standard stereo phone (x1)
Frame Memory up to 12 frames memories
USB  Type A (x1) 
Remote  D-sub 9-pin (x1), male, RS-232C 
TALLY /GPI  D-sub 15-pin (x1), male 
ITC-100 Intercom
Base Station Up to 8 Talkback / Tally connection, Internal Speaker, Gooseneck mic
communications cable 20m XLR to XLR Intercom Cable (x4)
Belt Pack (x4)
Headsets Single earset (x4)
Tally lights Red/Yellow, camera mounted (x4)
HyperDeck Studio Recorder
Video Input 1 x 10-bit SD/HD/3 Gb/s SDI switchable
1 x HDMI type A connector
Video Output 2 x 10-bit SD/HD/3G Gb/s SDI switchable.
1 x 10-bit SD/HD/3 Gb/s SDI switchable Loop Output.
1 x 10-bit SD/HD/3 Gbs/SDI switchable Monitor Output.
1 x HDMI type A connector
SDI Audio Input  16 channels embedded in SD and HD in QuickTime files.
2 channels in Avid DNxHD MXF files.
Displays Built-in LCD for video, audio and timecode monitoring
SSD Interface 2 x 2.5" SATA 3Gb/s (SSD is Optional)
Sync Input Blackburst or Tri-Sync

StudiCase Carry-On
Intercom Accessories, Including:
Beltpack x4
Tally lamp x4
Headset x4
25m Intercom cable x4
SSD memory (*optional)