RED Foundation: Camera & Post Production Training



Register your interest in this RED Camera Foundation course for the RED DSMC3 Camera and Post-Production workflows, run by Advanced Media and Futurist Digital. Please be aware this is a paid-for course with a cost of AED 4,700.


This 3-day foundation course focuses on the operations of RED's DSMC3 cameras and Post-Production workflows. Offering a fully immersive training environment, 'FOUNDATION' covers the entire RAW workflow from digital acquisition through post-production, providing you with the confidence when shooting with any of RED's professional DSMC3 cameras. 'FOUNDATION' is tailored for all skill levels, from students to working professionals.

This is real-world training - taught by working professionals, for working professionals, and those looking to work in the field of Digital Cinematography and Ultra High-Resolution Post-Production.


The course covers all aspects of camera and post workflow including:


  • DSMC3 Overview (Komodo and V-Raptor)
  • Black-Shading and Sensor Calibration
  • Menu Systems
  • Exposure
  • Camera Operations
  • Resolution & Oversampling
  • IPP2 Colour Science
  • Advanced Recording Modes
  • ProRes Recording
  • RED Post-Production Workflow Options


Event Details:


  • Venue:          Ravenscar Studio (Google Map)
  • Dates:          February 1-3, 2023
  • Time:           10:30 AM to 6:30 PM            
  • Registration:   Mandatory & In advance
  • Fee:            1280 USD (AED 4700) 


Thanks in advance for your attention, we look forward to seeing you in our event.



Sincerely Yours,
Advanced Media


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