DJI Zenmuse H30 Series

DJI H30 Series: Unparalleled Vision, Day or Night

The drone industry is undergoing a period of significant evolution, with the Zenmuse H30 Series from DJI serving as a prime example. This payload series has been designed with the needs of professionals in mind, aiming to push the boundaries of aerial imaging.

The H30 Series is a masterclass in adaptability. Whether you're in public safety, energy inspection or infrastructure assessment, these payloads deliver. The H30 and H30T models both pack a powerful punch:

Impressive zoom capabilities: Zoom in up to 34x optical zoom & 400x digital to capture critical details from a safe distance

High-resolution imaging: Get stunning 48MP photos and 4K/30fps video for unrivalled clarity and detail.

Thermal imaging (H30T): The H30T adds advanced thermal imaging with 1280x1024 resolution and radiometric capabilities & a a32x digital zoom for temperature measurement, essential for inspections and search and rescue.

Laser Rangefinder: Accurately measures distances up to 3km, providing valuable data for a variety of applications.

Black and White Night Vision and NIR Illumination:

The Zenmuse H30 Series zoom camera is engaged in Night Scene mode. Switching off the IR Light transforms the live feed into a high-contrast grayscale image, allowing for easy detection of subjects in light and dark areas. Moreover, when enabled, the zoom camera can also leverage the additional NIR illumination provided by the NIR auxiliary light. This feature is handy for operators engaged in night time monitoring or search-and-rescue operations.

Real-world impact:

The H30 Series isn't just about impressive specs - it's about helping professionals do their jobs better and safer. Here's how:

Public safety: Quickly assess scenes, track suspects and locate missing persons with unparalleled clarity and zoom.

Energy Inspection: Easily inspect power lines, wind turbines and solar panels to detect anomalies and potential problems.

Infrastructure Assessment: Assess bridges, dams and other critical structures for damage or deterioration, helping to prioritize maintenance and prevent accidents.

Search and rescue: Use the H30T's thermal imaging to locate people in difficult environments and guide rescue efforts.

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