GFM-Primo Dolly



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AED 261,450.00
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GFM-Primo Dolly

GFM-Primo Dolly

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  • "one touch" gearbox
  • Wireless control
  • Multifunctional turnstile
  • "Drop & Go" batteries

As the deluxe model, the GF-Primo Base has a central "one touch" selector allowing for immediate, one handed, switch over to crab, front or rear wheel steering. Its telescopic and inclining steering rod perfects the GF-Primo's manoeuvrability and puts it in a league of its own.

The GF-Primo Dolly is equipped with wireless radio control as well as secondary cable control as a standard feature for vertical column movement.

GF-Primo Features:

  • "one touch" central gearbox for selecting front, rear and crab steering.
  • Four steering positions plus fifth, central steering position on gearbox.
  • The telescopic and inclining steering rod provides increased manoeuvrability and control of dolly moves.
  • Wireless radio control as well as secondary cable control for vertical column movement.
  • Ergonomic hand control unit with full control display.
  • Electromechanical column with 48Volt digital electronic
  • Starting position on the column is a low 70cm / 27", with a lift range of 70cm / 27" extending to a maximum height of 140cm / 54" in a fast, 2.5 seconds.
  • Column is rotatable and can be separated from the base dolly.
  • The battery connection is a "drop and go" system where the batteries are simply slotted into position, secured and ready to go.
  • The multifunctional turnstile mount accepts four adapters to provide a wider range of seating and camera positions e.g. two persons, two cameras.
  • The stable, multifunctional platform set is machined to give a selection of threaded and non-threaded holes for mounting various adapters such as lighting stands, monitor holders, seat arm extensions etc. as well as providing a solid base for the operators to stand on.
  • Constructed of the highest quality CNC machined parts with Hard Coated ® finish.

Advanced Media is GFM authorized distributor. Contact Advanced Media Dubai for GFM-Primo Dolly

More Information

Transport weight Base: 80kg / 176lbs

Column w/o batteries: 61kg / 134lbs

Operational weight with batteries: 155kg / 341lbs

Duration of compl. lift range max speed: 2,5 seconds

Lift range: 70cm / 27"

Minimum column height: 70cm / 27"

Maximum column height: 140cm / 54"

Lift capacity (extended): 250kg / 550lbs

Lift capacity (retracted): 900kg/1980lbs

Number of column lifts: 200 (approx.)

Transport dimensions: 107 x 53cm

GF-Primo Dolly

AED 261,450.00