GFM-Secondo Dolly

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GFM-Secondo Dolly

GFM-Secondo Dolly

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  • Steering options
  • Cabled HCU
  • Multifunctional turnstile
  • "Drop & Go" batteries

The more economical GF-Secondo Base Dolly can also switch from crab, front or rear wheel steering but to do so, each wheel must be adjusted individually. Its standard steering rod is telescopic but not inclining.

The GF-Secondo Dolly is equipped with cable control as the standard operational mode (wireless control is available as an extra).

GF-Secondo Features:

  • Selection of front, rear and crab steering.
  • Four steering positions.
  • The telescopic steering rod provides comfortable manoeuvrability and control of dolly moves.
  • Ergonomic hand control unit with full control display.
  • Electromechanical column with 48Volt digital electronic
  • Starting position on the column is 72cm / 27", with a lift range of 70cm / 27" extending to a maximum height of 142cm / 55" in a fast, 2.5 seconds.
  • Column is rotatable and can be separated from the base dolly.
  • The battery connection is a "drop and go" system where the batteries are simply slotted into position, secured and ready to go.
  • The multifunctional turnstile mount accepts four adapters to provide a wider range of seating and camera positions e.g. two persons, two cameras.
  • The stable, multifunctional platform set is machined to give a selection of threaded and non-threaded holes for mounting various adapters such as lighting stands, monitor holders, seat arm extensions etc. as well as providing a solid base for the operators to stand on.
  • Constructed of the highest quality CNC machined parts with Hard Coated ® finish.

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More Information

Column w/o batteries: 61kg / 134lbs

Operational weight with batteries: 149kg / 327lbs

Duration of compl. lift range max speed: 2,5 seconds

Lift range: 70cm / 27"

Minimum column height: 70cm / 27"

Maximum column height: 140cm / 54"

Lift capacity (extended): 250kg / 550lbs

Lift capacity (retracted): 900kg/1980lbs

Number of column lifts: 200 (approx.)

Transport dimensions: 107 x 53cm

GF-Secondo Dolly

AED 208,950.00