Nanlite PavoTube II 6C RGBWW LED Tube Light

PavoTube II 6C
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Nanlite PavoTube II 6C RGBWW LED Tube Light

Nanlite PavoTube II 6C RGBWW LED Tube Light

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Nanlite PavoTube II 6C RGBWW LED Tube Light

  • What comes with the PavoTube II 6C:
  • PavoTube II 6C x1
  • USB cable x1
  • Wrist strap x1
  • Metal plate x3
  • Carry bag x1

Nanlite PavoTube II 6C RGBWW LED Tube Light.

PavoTube II 6C
RGBWW LED Tube Light
RGBWW Full Colour Tube Light with Type C USB pass-through and Built-in Battery.
Nanlite is dedicated to provide unique lighting solutions for creatives all around the world. The demands on the modern creative in a range of fields leads to the need for a light that is more versatile. With this in mind, Nanlite is happy to announce a new product for 2020.

A light born to meet the demands of modern story tellers; Introducing the PavoTube II 6C.

Small But Powerful
RGBWW LED Tube Light
Featuring a CRI of 95, and a TLCI of 97, the PavoTube II 6C provides perfect Colour fidelity with a wide Colour temperature from 2700K-7500K.
With advanced Green & Magenta adjustments in CCT mode, and a choice of over 36000 static light colours in HSI mode.

Easy-To-Go Design
With a compact size and magnets on both ends let the PavoTube II 6C can be used Anywhere!
Thanks to a unique design you can quickly place your PavoTube II 6C at many desired angles and still have an even soft light.
With an industry standard 1/4''-20 mount at both ends, you are able to attach the PavoTube II to all modern photo / video fixtures.

Bulit-in battery with Quick charging
The built-in battery of PavoTube II 6C can run for more than 1 hour at full power, and can last up to 10 hours at 1%.

The PavoTube II 6C features a USB Type-C port for charging and future firmware updates, ensuring your light is futureproof.

Wirelessly Control Your Light
With a Built-in 2.4Ghz receiver the PavoTube II 6C is designed to work with the RC-1 remote control or NANLink WiFi controller compatible with iOS or Android devices.

More Information
  • Product Highlights:
  • ≥95 CRI (Ra)
  • Up to 1576lux @0.3m Illumination
  • 2700K - 7500K Colour Temperature
  • 6W x5 Power
  • DC 5V2A Power Source
  • 15 Practical Lighting Effects
  • Built-In Battery & Magnets
  • 260 g (9.2 oz.) Lightweight
AED 330.00