SWIT CL-15 Bi-color SMD On-camera LED Light

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SWIT CL-15 Bi-color SMD On-camera LED Light

SWIT CL-15 Bi-color SMD On-camera LED Light

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SWIT CL-15 Bi-color SMD On-camera LED Light

  • *Shown with Optional Equipment
  • 416pcs ultra bright long-life LEDs
  • Surface mounted LED technology
  • 120°(half-declined 65°) wide beam angle
  • 3200K-6500K continuously adjustable
  • 15W power, 550Lux @ 1 meter center
  • 0-100% flick-free dimming
  • Super high CRI 95, TLCI 97
  • Built-in NP-F battery plate
  • Provide snap-on diffuser

SWIT CL-15 Bi-color SMD On-camera LED Light.

416pcs SMD-LEDs
Bright and wider beam angle

CL-15 is an 15W bi-color on-camera LED light, with 416pcs ultra bright SMD LEDs, equally spread wider beam angle, accurate color render and longer life time.

Super wide beam angle
LED 120°; Half-declined at 65°

The SMD LED of CL-15 has 120° wide beam angle, and generates an equally spread, wider area light comparing to traditional DIP LED bulbs.
Take center illuminance as 100% brightness, when declined to 50% at the edge, the "half-declined" beam angle can still reach to 65°, which means the light is equally spread onto the whole environment, instead of just concentrated at center.

Bi-color temperature
3200K-6500K continuously adjustable

CL-15 mixed with 3200K and 6500K SMD-LEDs, and the output color temperature can be continuously adjustable from 3200K to 6500K. The bi-color SMD LED is more reliable and has better consistency on color temperature.

High Color Reveal Ability
CRI 95; TLCI 97

CRI (Color Rendering Index) is a measure of the ability of a light source to reveal the colors of various objects faithfully in comparison with a natural light source. And TLCI (Television Lighting Consistency Index) is special for the color reveal ability by camera sensor. Max value 100.
The normal LED light has 80-85 CRI or TLCI, while CL-15 offers the super high CRI at 95 and TLCI at 97, and will not lose the object original colors.

Dimmer/CCT Control
CL-15 provides 0-100% Dimmer knob and 3200-6500K color temperature knob, for easy adjustment.

Built-in NP-F Battery Plate
CL-15 has built-in an NP-F DV plate, to power by NP-F batteries. Beside the plate the CL-15 provides 4-level battery power indicator to show remaining capacity of the battery.

AED 240.00