Sony PMW-1000 XDCAM SxS Memory Recording Deck



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Sony PMW-1000 XDCAM SxS Memory Recording Deck

Sony PMW-1000 XDCAM SxS Memory Recording Deck

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  • Record and playback on SxS memory cards
  • Enhanced XDCAM HD422 workflow even in linear operation
  • Supports network and non-linear operations
  • Records XDCAM HD422 and HD420 at 50/35/25 Mbps
  • XAVC HD recordings support PMW-F55 and PMW-F5 cameras

Sony PMW-1000 XDCAM SxS Memory Recording Deck can record a wide range of XAVC and XDCAM codecs from any HD-SDI source onto SxS Cards. The PMW-1000 provides outstanding MPEG HD422 picture quality as well as an uncompromising eight-channel (HD-SDI), 24-bit audio recording capability, all packed in a compact half-rack-size deck. In addition to MPEG HD422, XAVC Intra HD Record/Playback is supported, as well as MPEG IMX and DVCAM formats in the SD domain. The RS-422 interface and Gigabit Ethernet enables the PMW-1000 to be used as a player deck for linear editing and a feeder deck for non-linear editing.

Note: 4K XAVC Intra HD record/playback is not supported.

  • By supporting XAVC Intra 100Mb/s, XDCAM HD workflow can be enhanced with PMW-F5/F55 camera operation. In addition, with its up- and down-conversion function, the PMW-1000 is ideal for integration into an existing SD production system and also for future HD operation.
  • Highly flexible, multi-format capability lets users select recording and playback formats from HD (XAVC, MPEG HD422, and MPEG HD420) and SD (MPEG IMX50/40/30 and DVCAM) in a variety of frame frequencies 1
  • Equipped with a jog/shuttle dial and RS-422 control, providing VTR-like operation (Jog: -1 to +1 times normal speed; Variable: -2 to +2 times normal speed; Shuttle: -20 to +20 times normal speed). This gives the PMW-1000 a very familiar feel, and enables easy migration from tape-based operation.
  • Versatile input and output interfaces: RS-422 9-pin remote control interface to be used as a feeder for linear editing
  • Gigabit Ethernet for high speed file transfer for network operation
  • HDMI monitoring output for more flexible operation on any occasion
  • USB interface for connection to an external USB HDD enables users to copy clips directly to a USB HDD without employing any other

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Sony PMW-1000 XDCAM SxS Memory Recording Deck

AED 27,195.00